Project management consulting services (PMC)

Project management of solar power plants (PMC) has a very important and vital role in the implementation and success of solar projects

:Project managers of solar power plants of Mana Mehr Nasim Energy are responsible for various responsibilities, which include the following

Promotion period

During the promotion period, the project manager, through the agents and colleagues located in the headquarters as well as the provincial and city offices of the place of implementation, follows up the electricity license, environmental license, purchase or handover of the land and signing the contract with Satba and equips the workshop.

Planning and budgeting

The project manager prepares comprehensive and detailed plans for project implementation and determines and controls budgets to avoid delays and cost increases

Resource management

Project manager of Mana Mehr Nasim Energy; It predicts human resources, financing, purchase of equipment and materials necessary for the implementation of the project and uses them optimally during the implementation period.


.The project manager maintains effective communication with all project team members, customers, suppliers, and other related entities to ensure that everyone is informed of the progress of the project

Risk management

The project manager identifies, evaluates and manages various risks related to the project in order to prevent their negative effects on the project.

Progress control

.The project manager monitors the current progress of the project and ensures that the project schedule and budget are properly met

.In weekly follow-up meetings, regular and detailed reports on progress, costs, problems and solutions are provided to all concerned

Tasks of project management consultin
Determining the strategy and organizing the implementation of the project*
Preparing documents and holding tenders for preliminary studies*
Purchase of panels, inverters and solar equipment including selection, technical and economic evaluation and contract negotiations
Initial assessment of contractors, preparation of documents and holding tenders, evaluation of proposals and selection of executive contractor and equipment supply contractor with technical and economic      considerations
Preparation of documents and tenders for substations and electricity transmission lines*
Arranging and finalizing contracts and appendices in the legal and technical sectors*
Preparation of programs and progress charts*
Providing project control services, project progress reports and delay checks*
Holding joint meetings with project stakeholders to coordinate and solve problems and resolve contractual disputes *
.In general, solar power plant project managers play a very important role in the success and speed of their implementation due to the specific characteristics of these types of projects