Monitoring the implementation

Solar power plant project implementation monitoring services include a set of activities and professional services that are provided to ensure the correct and successful implementation of the project. Some of the monitoring services for the implementation of the solar power plant project of Mana Mehr Energy Nasim are:

Supervise the construction and installation of equipment

This case includes monitoring the activities of manufacturing and installing solar panels, electrical equipment, transformers, LV and MV panels, cabling, power transmission lines, structure and panel installation, monitoring and data transmission systems, and other equipment related to the solar power plant.

Checking quality and standards

Monitoring of project implementation is done to ensure compliance with standards, quality of construction and installation of equipment, correct implementation of processes and work methods.

Handling technical problems

In case of any technical problems during the implementation of the project and during the temporary delivery period, monitoring of the implementation is done in order to identify and solve technical problems and prevent delays in the project.

Scheduling and budgeting

Implementation monitoring includes reviewing and monitoring the project schedule and budget to ensure compliance with the time and costs set in the project.


Implementation monitoring includes the preparation of periodic and final reports of project progress, existing problems, and proposed solutions, which are presented to project managers and other related entities.

:Some of the implementation monitoring services provided by Mana Mehr Energy Nasim Group
Advice and support during the design process*
Providing technical supervision and control over the quality of work*
Project performance control during project execution*
Approval of budget and terms of payment*
Setting up construction facilities*

By using the solar power plant project implementation monitoring services, you will be sure that the project will be executed correctly and with quality and the goals set by Mana Mehr Energy Nasim will be met