Mana Mehr Energy Nasim Company, by employing expert and experienced forces and having engineers with spirit and hard work, has been able to provide services such as providing explanatory plans, engineering design, supply, implementation and operation to companies and individuals who wish to build solar power plants. To invest in this field are presented. Engineers of Mana Mehr Nasim Energy design, supply, build, install and maintain solar power plants with sufficient precision and knowledge. These engineers, with their complete technical knowledge in the field of electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and environmental engineering, are able to compile technical plans and select the required equipment, and they can also solve technical and performance problems of the power plant.

In addition, the engineers of Mana Mehr Energy Nasim solar power plants are familiar with new and innovative technologies that play an effective role in developing and improving the performance of power plants and will be a very good guide for employers.

Our engineers have various responsibilities in the field of solar power plants:

Choosing the right site

The first step in building a power plant is choosing a suitable site, which the company has a lot of expertise in this field. So far, more than 60 sites have been reviewed and 15 sites have been selected that are being operated or constructed.

Design of solar power farm systems

Engineers compile technical drawings and design solar power plant systems.They specify the spatial dimensions, number and type of solar panels, electrical and mechanical equipment.

Equipment selection

Our technical experts select the necessary equipment for the installation and operation of the solar power plant. including solar panels, energy conversion equipment, energy storage systems and energy transmission systems.


They implement the installation process of the equipment and start the solar power plant systems correctly.

Monitoring and maintenance

Our engineers periodically and continuously monitor the solar power plant systems and ensure their correct operation. Also, they perform necessary repairs and maintenance over time. In this context, continuous monitoring of power plant parameters is very important.

Improve performance

By analyzing data and power plant performance, they identify and implement methods to improve system performance and efficiency.

Engineering Services:

Basic engineering

Detailed engineering


planning Construction engineering

In general, our engineers work in all stages of the solar energy production chain and launch their projects as IPP or other customers.