Sayan Owj Pars Kerman Company

On the basis of 20 years of experience in trade between Iran and Germany, we established Sayan Owj Pars Company (Special Shares) in 2013 in Iran. Sayan Oj Pars company supports its customers in the field of supplying solar energy equipment, pipeline equipment and related instruments, measuring systems and precise instruments, etc.

The main goal of the company is to help customers to get more profit through product supply management and success in the market, especially in Germany. Sayan Oj Pars considers long-term cooperation with local and international partners based on organizational values ​​with the goal of win-win. We have supported our customers in the direction of supplying goods from Germany and providing services to carry out related matters in an efficient manner, so that they get closer to their goals. This company does not only supply goods, but also has a strong and experienced team that conducts investigation, research, consulting and supply management to make the customer’s goals come true.

We always focus on our customers. We want you to find the product or service that perfectly suits your needs, that’s why our colleagues in the sales and after-sales service department will always be ready to answer your questions and doubts in related specialized fields.

Sayan Owj Pars company was established with the aim of providing quality goods and services with an official warranty and guarantee in various fields of energy and industry. This company is currently active and ready to provide to its customers in four sectors: renewable energy, pipe tools and installations, accurate measurement tools and equipment supply.

Renewable energy

As one of the leading companies in the renewable industry, this company is always fully prepared to provide all the equipment of solar power plants and design, consulting and complete construction (EPC) of a solar power plant from 5 kilowatts to 10 megawatts. In this regard, this company succeeded in obtaining official representatives of reputable brands in this industry such as AE Solar of Germany, Fronius of Austria, Dehn of Germany and Projoy electric of China.

Sayan Owj Pars Company operates as an official representative of Rothenberger, Lukas and Schwenk in Germany and a supplier of Metabo products in Iran. By selecting competent personnel in the field of sales and after-sales services, this company is ready to provide all the services of authentic German products in the field of tools. In addition, all the products of these brands are offered and prepared with an official and valid guarantee at a reasonable price.

Sayan Owj Pars company has the potential to supply equipment from reputable European and Japanese brands in the fields of precision instruments, valve controls, solenoid valves, thermocouples and electrical and telecommunication connectors due to having reliable and reliable business partners in Germany, Turkey and China. Our history and the satisfaction of our customers in this field are indicative of our capabilities in this sector.

Avandplast Kerman Co

Avandeplast Kerman started its activity in the field of production of polyethylene pipes and fittings in Kerman province in 1389 with the motto “Achieving competence, adhering to commitments” and with the aim of making a big impact in the country’s polyethylene industry.

Our commitments:

Meeting customer expectations Commitment to national and international standards Preservation of the environment as the main pillar of sustainable development Creating a healthy environment for employees The biggest capital and the main driver of growth and development in Avandplast company is the trust of the customers and the best support for that is the faith and belief of all the employees in the preservation of this capital. Therefore, relying on these two, we are taking a firm and firm step in the direction of the future.