Investing in renewable power plants is one of the attractive options for investors in different countries of the world. In Iran, the amount of investment made in this area due to the country’s need for renewable electricity, the establishment of the green exchange, the diversification of guaranteed electricity purchase contracts by the government, the requirement of industries to build renewable power plants or purchase part of the electricity consumed from these power plants, and the implementation of the article 12 laws for removing production obstacles (paying the amount of fuel saved to investors in this area) have led to the creation of a suitable platform for investment

In this regard, Mana Mehr Energy Nasim Company, with extensive records, high technical knowledge in the field of modern equipment and technologies and accurate information about market conditions, can act as a consultant by the side of investors and provide them with the following services. give

Suggesting suitable locations in different regions of the country for the construction of solar and wind power plants to investors according to climatic and environmental conditions, forecasting the amount of production, exemptions, incentives, etc
Calculating and estimating the amount of electricity produced by solar and wind power plants according to the location of the power plant and, accordingly, estimating the power plant’s income
Consulting in preparing the basic design (Basic Design) of wind and solar power plants in order to optimize construction time, cost, efficiency and ease of maintenance
Preparing the technical and economic justification plan of the project for the purpose of the investor’s use or presentation to banks and financial and credit institutions, including the estimation of the construction and operation costs of the power plant, the estimation of the income of the power plant, the initial schedule, performing financial calculations and estimating the economic indicators of the project

.In this regard, Mana Mehr Nasim Energy Company is ready to cooperate in this field with natural and legal persons who apply for this category of services